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Darby and Daisy Wilber

Let me tell you about my sweet little Darbydog.
Darby was born in a trailer out in the middle of no where. He doesn't have papers, but that doesn't mean he is
any less of a chihuahua. He was born on November 11, 1997. He weighs 4.0 lbs. He did have a slight weight problem,
but now we seem to have it under control. He used to be too skinny.

Darby is the most loving chihuahua. He is a mama's boy. He loves his mommy. Darby follows his mommy everywhere.
Darby loves to ride in the car. He will sit in his mommy's lap the whole trip. He really doesn't care about
looking out the window. Darby has some very strange and unique personality traits. He takes all his food out of his
dog bowl with his paw, and scatters his food all over the kitchen. Then he slaps at his food, spins around a few times,
slaps at it again, picks it up, carries it over to someone's foot and then eats it. If it in the middle of the night, he
will bring his food to bed and eat it off the side of your head or on the pillow right in front of your face. If the
piece of food happens to crumble in your hair, Darby will dig in your hair until he has eaten every morsel of food. Darby
is very picky about food. He will not eat any people food. He loves kibbles and bits (his grandma feeds him that), Special
Cuts (we only give him a few pieces a day), and Iams puppy food.

Darby loves to sit in the lap of who ever is sitting at the computer or on the toilet. He mashes his head against
your chest which means, "Start scratching me".

Darby loves to burrow in just about everything. He follows his mommy to the dryer just to make sure that he can be the
first to dive into the warm clothes. He also loves to unfold all the folded clothes. Darby also loves to play "Get the
white bear". The bear attacks him, and then he attacks the bear. He also loves to play with "roadkill" (a de-stuffed cow).

Darby loves to climb. He loves to sit on the back of the couch. He also loves to sit on your shoulder. If you happen to be
leaning over or squatted down, he will jump on your back and lay down. He loves to climb in the dishwasher too. He's very
silly sometimes.

Darby's dislikes: nail clipping, baths, fleas, strangers, being held by strangers, people food, Daisy (when
he is napping), plastic pumpkins, being towel dried, and the alarm clock.
Darby's likes: dirty underwear, being scratched, warm clothes, and cuddling.
Darby's Motto in Life: "Hold your foot still, I'm trying to eat off it."

Darby had a good life, but we thought that he would be happier if he had a companion. That's when Daisy came along.
Darby wasn't at all happy about his new sister.

And then there were two....
We searched for a special little chihuahua for about two months. When I first saw Daisy,
I knew that she was the perfect one. She was so cute. We got her from a breeder in Gadsden, AL.
Daisy was born on September 15, 1997. She currently weighs 3.1 lbs. She's our fat little dog.

Daisy has a few nicknames: Fatty, Crazy Daisy, and Lazy Daisy. She loves food. She will eat anything.
Once her daddy feed her pineapple and ham pizza. She ate it, but later threw it up.

Daisy is the happiest puppy. If you look at her, she starts to wiggle. Daisy marches too. Her front
legs go up and down constantly. When Daisy is misbehaving, it is impossible to make her understand that
she's in trouble. We have yelled "No, Bad Dog, Bad Daisy, etc." and even spanked her. She will
just stand there wiggling and wagging her tail. She is just so excited that someone is talking to her.

Daisy loves to give kisses. Kisses on the nose, up nose, on the lips, inside the mouth,
and in the ears. Daisy loves everyone and all animals. She has no fears (well besides the
vacuum cleaner). Daisy loves to play with clothes. She loves to steal them. Everything that she does steal,
she takes it to the bed.

Daisy's dislikes: Darby stealing her food.
Daisy's likes: Food, dirty underwear, food, stealing Darby's food, tummy rubs, and food.
Daisy's Motto in Life: "Hey...can I have a bite of that?"

Sibling Rivalry...
When Daisy first came home, Darby would not even look at her. He didn't look at her for about a week. Daisy didn't
like being ignored. She was always trying to play with Darby. Darby snapped at her all the time, but that didn't
stop her. Once, Daisy did grab a hold of his tail and got dragged a few feet before getting bit. Daisy tried and tried
to get Darby to play with her. Once Darby realized that she wasn't going away, he began to tolerate her.

Darby and Daisy have completely different personalities. Darby is shy, and Daisy is outgoing. Darby is a picky eater, and
Daisy is a piggy. Darby loves to cuddle under the covers at night, and Daisy prefers to sleep on top of the covers.
Neither of them do tricks. I tried to teach Daisy how to sit by using cheese. I spent an hour saying sit and then
giving her a piece of cheese when she sat. I was so proud. The next day, I tried it again. She did great. The
next day (without giving her cheese) I told her to sit. She just looked at me. She never sat down. I brought out
the cheese, and without saying anything, she sat. Daisy will only sit if she see cheese. Tricks aren't her specialty.

Darby and Daisy still fight sometimes. They fight over food. They each want what the other one has, but neither like
to share.

More adorable pictures of Darby and Daisy.

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